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Dia's success has been driven by her client's success with optimizing health and seeing results in healing.

"Her techniques not only felt wonderful but have had lasting effects."

I have been in pain from car accidents and surgeries for several years. Various methods have been used only my body to relieve the stress and pressure on my muscles and tissues. Some methods have produced temporary relief. I have been searching for an experienced practitioner that would really make a difference. Recently I've had the opportunity to receive deep tissue massage from Dia Lynn. Her techniques not only felt wonderful but have had lasting effects. I was continuously surprised by her innate ability to know exactly where the real root of the problem was penetrating from. I have serious respect and appreciation for her ability as a truly knowledgeable and experienced Rolfing specialist. Many thanks to you Dia for your skills and sensitivity in putting my body back together again.

Sharon Kayser – Kihei, HI

“You have been so fortunate to have been taught by so many excellent teachers who were not only pioneers in their healing art trades – but also proficient masters. I wish you much success in your new journey.”

Dr. Jerry Alan Jonhson – Pacific Grove, CA

“Dia Lynn has an incredible network of holistic healing providers. She spends considerable time and energy responding to requests for nominees to provide holistic healing services.”

Dr. David Burt – Cambria, CA

“I have had the honor of meeting with Dr. Dia on more than one occasion, both in person and over the phone. In all instances, I have found her to be personable, professional; she is able to get right to the heart of the matter and present deep insights and suggestions.”

Marti Barbour, Director
Boost Your Brain Power LLC – Basalt, CO

“This was the best thing I could have done for my heart. It is not without hard emotional work. I am leaning in and loving that as well. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you have given me over the years. You’ve helped me in more ways than I can count. I am eternally grateful.”

Colette O’Connor – Redding, CA.

“As a healer you are like a priceless musical instrument in the hands of the Divine. Your responsibility is just to be for you are a channel through whom Heaven plays its tune for the benefit of all who will be healed by its sound vibration.”

Philip Burley – Spirit Medium – Laguna Beach, CA

“Dia is an inspiring and radiant leader in her community and family. As a healer, she is a powerful practitioner of energy medicine, light therapy, and deep-tissue body work. From my personal experience, her counsel has been very helpful in areas of forgiveness as well as visualization. Dia is a reliable professional and offers her services with utmost presence and attention to detail.”

Hannah Goulding, Chemist – Seattle, WA

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