Dia Lynn

Religious Studies Doctorate, Religious Science Practitioner, Master of Medical Qigong, Certified Light Therapist


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7201 Elk Lane
Basalt, CO 81621
(Corner of Two Rivers Road and Elk Run)

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About Spirit of Wholeness

This website describes the most current, the most powerful, enduring, and safe methods I have learned, as well as ancient spiritual truths which incorporates and synergizes the latest scientific research and breakthroughs in energy medicine. My mission is to promote integrated healing of body mind, emotions, and Spirit for those who are interested and willing to apply themselves to profoundly improve their life experience now and for future years. I welcome your inquiries, and invitations to speak, to teach, to provide therapy sessions and serve the needs of our elder population. Spirit of Wholeness is designated as a Church Without Walls through Emerson Theological Institute. Under its description of a healing, teaching, counseling ministry it encompasses the various services offered here. In that context I offer all that I know and all that I am toward the uplifting of humanity’s consciousness in this time of dramatic change for life on the planet.