My Journey

In 1974 at Stanford Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California, while attending my infant daughter I made a vow to dedicate myself to the pursuit of answers about the meaning of life and death, health and disease. I began studying nutrition to try to cure cancer. Already a practicing metaphysician with an understanding of subtle energies, I began seeking initiations with eastern gurus, to ease my emotional pain and confusion. When I was no longer a mother I returned to college studying anatomy, to complete my degree in Occupational Therapy.

Durng the summer I participated in a 40 day training with Arica, School of Scientific Mysticism spending three years in various trainings. I decided against O.T. in favor of Rolfing. I changed majors to “New College” for self-study of Structural Integration. In 1976 I earned a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University in a special major researching how connective tissue manipulation affected all the systems of the body.

Dia Lynn RsD MMQ CLT

My attention towards self-healing led to my teacher Dr. Ida P. Rolf. I had the honor to be trained directly under the founder of Rolfing, Dr. Ida Rolf and became a Certified Rolfer in 1977 with Advanced Rolfing training in 1981.

My life as a seeker of wisdom and healing skills led me to my Naturopathic teacher, Dr. John Whitman Ray. His Body Electronics training gave me fundamental understanding and practical application into rejuvenation, multiple dimensions, and cellular clearing. I continue to use many of his ideas that benefit my health and longevity to this day. While based in Hawaii from 1984 to 1992 I worked with other healers in addition to developing courses and teaching at the Maui Academy of Healing Arts.

During this time Spirit guided me to my next teacher and modality, Holotropic Breathwork® and Dr. Stanislav Grof. During 1988 I participated in monthly experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness exploring retained birth trauma through Holotropic Breathwork®. This aspect of transpersonal psychology answered my lingering questions about birth and death, leading to profound understandings and acceptance of the death of my daughter and loss of a son who was adopted at birth. With three years of training and traveling to Marin county I was certified by Dr. Stanislav Grof as a facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork®. I have since lead groups in Hawaii, Prague, Czechoslovakia, California, and Colorado.

In 1997 in Pacific Grove, California I met Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Doctor of Medical Qigong. He was writing his textbook on Medical QiGong while training groups in Chinese Medicine. I was interested in this subject for deepening my abilities to heal with energy. This knowledge has been invaluable in my everyday interactions with people, the elemental kingdom, and maintaining my own physical and energetic balance and clarity. In 2000 I was awarded a Masters’ degree through the International Institute of Medical QiGong®.

Seeking spiritual community, I was led to the Pacific Coast Church of Religious Science and pastor Rev. Dr. Bill Little in Monterey California. He presented a unique combination of physicist, math teacher, Hindu guru devotee, and Doctor of Religious Science (New Thought Metaphysics). I attended church services and evening classes while simultaneously establishing Equilibrium Center for Integrative Bodywork where I practiced Rolfing and taught at Monterey Institute Of Touch on weekends. During these 5 years I also studied Medical QiGong and Sacred Energy Medicine.

While at the Pacific Coast Church with Dr. Little, I undertook the two year Fundamentals of Religious Science training, then entered Practitioners training followed by two years of Ministerial training. The church is a theological seminary, associated with Emerson Institute in Oakhurst, California where I received my Masters’ and Doctorate of Religious Studies in 2010.

I am now prepared to bring forth the depths and wisdom and experience I have gained over this lifetime of adventures in consciousness. I have opened a professional practice, but in a slightly different context. Since moving to Basalt, CO. I have learned about healing with light, sound and vibration and been certified in Polychromatic Light Therapy.

Partnering with my sister, Marti Barbour, I have been working in elder care, learning about the issues faced by the baby boom population, dementia, brain health, and neuroscience. We incorporated as Boost Your Brain Power in 2018, and are offering classes based on the Total Brain Health program of holistic, social-based brain training.


  • B.A. from San Jose State University, California – Special major
  • Certified and Advanced Rolfing – Boulder, Colorado
  • Body Electronics Instructor,- Dr. John Ray Program, Maui, Hawaii
  • Massage Instructor License – State of Hawaii
  • Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator – Dr. Stanislav Grof, Mill Valley, California
  • Master of Medical Qigong – Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, International Institute of Medical Qigong, Pacific Grove, California
  • Religious Science Practitioner – Rev. Dr. Bill Little, Pacific Coast Theological Seminary, Pacific Grove, California
  • Masters in Religious Studies – Emerson Theological Institute, Oakhurst, California
  • Doctorate in Religious Studies – Emerson Theological Institute, Oakhurst, California
  • Hospice of the Central Coast, Community Hospital of Monterrey County, California
  • Ordained Religious Science Minister – Rev. Dr. Bill Little, Pacific Coast Theological Seminary, Pacific Grove, California
  • Spirit of Wholeness, Church Without Walls, Emerson Theological Institute, Oakhurst, California
  • Certified Light Therapist – Board of Advanced Natural Healing Systems (BANHS)
  • Co-Director, Boost Your Brain Power, LLC, Basalt, Colorado