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I invite you to live more fully in health, balance and peace of mind. The intention of my holistic healing practice is to bring you back to a feeling of integration and wholeness. Imagine living a life in greater harmony!

Dr. Dia Lynn

Religious Studies Doctor, Master of Religious Science and Licensed Practitioner, Master of Medical Qigong, Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner and Certified Light Therapist

Programs & Services

A Course in Miracles

A contemporary form of spiritual psychotherapy.

Science of Mind

Lessons dedicated to Truth which frees man from himself and sets him on the pathway of a new experience.

Structural integration & Myofascial Release

Realign the body and release patterns of stress.

Medical qigong

Guide excess or deficiency Qi to balance the energetic systems.

Built with passion, practice in peace.

Dia Lynn is a holistic healer, teacher and non-denominational minister. She has a long career practicing Rolf Structural Integration trained by Dr. Ida Rolf. She is also Master of Medical Qigong practicing Chinese Energy Medicine. Another modality is Light Therapy which heals with frequency, pulsed light waves and sound. Dia holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Religious Studies and is a Religious Science Practitioner. She uses affirmative prayer treatment to resolve mental, emotional, spiritual and life issues with clients. Dia also teaches brain health to demonstrate lifestyles that prevent cognitive decline with an aging population.


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