My purpose is to manifest the potential of a balanced, healthy, responsible life guided by Spirit and practicing the best of alternative, complimentary therapies. Teaching happens by example and I endeavor to model loving, compassionate, skillful healing arts and personal relationships that also support the earth and all its inhabitants.

We join to remember and embody the sense of ONENESS with each other and our Creator, by whatever term we use.

We honor all spiritual teachings that lead us to recognition of our wholeness, our essential perfection as children of the One Divine, Father, Mother and Son of God.

We practice right use of our Divine Minds to co-create more perfect expressions of love, beauty, joy and peace, and physical health in our lives and relationships, including our relationship with our planet and its environment.

We endeavor to practice non-violence toward all life forms, including our thoughts about others.

We come together in classes, prayer, meditation, spiritual mind treatments, study of sacred texts, healing art modalities, and spiritual counseling.