Spirit of Wholeness

A Healing, Teaching, Counseling Ministry

Spirit of Wholeness Ministry

DIA LYNN, Religious Studies Doctor, Master of Religious Science and Licensed Practitioner, Master of Medical Qigong and Certified Light Therapist

I invite you to live more fully in health, balance and peace of mind. The intention of my holistic healing practice is to bring you back to a feeling of integration and wholeness. Imagine living a life in greater harmony!

Are you manifesting a balanced, healthy, responsible life? Are you living your full potential by using the best of alternative, complimentary therapies and spiritual practices?

I model loving, compassionate, skillful healing arts and conscious relationships that support you to be your optimal Self.


Hear what people have to say about Dr. Dia Lynn, RsD.

“I am very fortunate to have worked with Dia over the course of many years and in many different contexts. In addition to being a kind, wise and compassionate old soul, Dia is a skillful multi-dimensional healer and an extraordinary teacher. It is certainly possible to obtain any of the individual services Dia offers from someone else; however, it is rare to find someone with Dia’s depth and breadth of experience in so many areas. Dia’s rare strength lies in her ability to draw upon and synergize everything she has learned and offer highly intuitive and customized healings and teachings. ”

– Molly Steele


Violet Gem A Course in Miracles

White Gem Graduate School of Life

Sunshine Yellow Gem Science of Mind


Aquamarine Gem Boost Your Brain Power


Emerald Gem Iridology

Magenta Gem Medical Qigong

Peach Gem Holotropic Breathwork®

Sapphire Gem Polychromatic Light Therapy

Sunshine Yellow Gem Affirmative Prayer Treatment

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About Dia

Dia Lynn is a holistic healer, teacher and non-denominational minister. She had a long career practicing Rolf Structural Integration trained by Dr. Ida Rolf. She is a Master of Medical Qigong practicing Chinese Energy Medicine. Another modality is Light Therapy which heals with frequency, pulsed light waves and sound. Dia holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Religious Studies and is a Religious Science Practitioner. She uses affirmative prayer treatment to resolve mental, emotional, spiritual and life issues with clients. Dia also teaches brain health to demonstrate lifestyles that prevent cognitive decline with an aging population.

Dia Lynn, RsD, MMQ