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Boost Your Brain Power

As sisters living in the small mountain town of Basalt Colorado we have a common love and care for helping people. Marti Barbour has a long-standing reputation in the community for doing Elder Care, being Hospice and Home Care of the Valley Volunteer Coordinator, and director of Roaring Fork Brain Train. When Marti discerned that the program needed more cognitive education, she sought and found a program which taught socially based brain training. It is called Total Brain Health.

Dia Lynn and Marti Barbour

In seeking answers for a client with Alzheimer’s disease, Dia and Marti studied the work of Dr. Daniel Amen who works with brain injured patients. Together we decided to collaborate on learning and teaching the programs of memory training, forming a business called Boost Your Brain Power. We have been offering brain health classes through Eagle County Senior Center, Colorado Mountain College, Renew Senior Community and others who want to bring these programs into their facilities.


“Dia…I know that your brain is still young and supple because you are constantly engaging it… not to mention your spirit. I have always been awed by your will power and commitment to following your spiritual beliefs and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are a great friend and mentor.”

Tracy Murtha. Santa Fe New Mexico

“Brain Health is a critical part of optimal living.  We believe everyone should have the chance to boost their brain power and achieve their best each day and every year.”  –Dr. Cynthia Green

“The Alzheimer’s Association believes there is sufficiently strong evidence… to conclude that regular physical activity and management of cardiovascular risk factors reduce the risk of cognitive decline and may reduce the risk of dementia. The Association also believes there is sufficiently strong evidence to conclude that a healthy diet and lifelong learning/ cognitive training may also reduce the risk of cognitive decline.”

Alzheimer’s Dementia | June 2015


The TBH FAIR Toolkit provides you with a step-by-step planning guide to a lively and interactive community event focused on brain-healthy living. Folks of all ages will enjoy hands-on TBH stations designed to get them started on their brain fitness journey. Never hosted a fair before? No worries. The TBH FAIR Toolkit details all aspects of event preparation and activities implementation. Worksheets guide you through the implementation for a guaranteed smooth rollout. At the heart of the fair are our innovative TBH Stations, featuring ways to get brain healthy that are interactive, entertaining and fun. Offer your community the chance to get involved and to get brain healthy today!

“It was great seeing our residents attempting activities that they never tried before in such a fun setting. There were so many positive comments about the day…” – C. Livingstone, Director of Activities, Heath Village

The TBH MEMORY Toolkits deliver simple strategies to rev up recall. These robust, hands-on courses teach active adults practical strategies to improve memory performance. Courses increase in difficulty by level. Innovative. Fast-paced, engaging group-based classes to rev up recall. Tried and true. We’ve successfully conducted these programs ourselves, across many different settings and with great success, so we know they work! Easy to deliver. Fully scripted, with detailed social-based brain workouts, make our programs truly simple to use. Easy to learn. Participants learn practical techniques to recall names, articles and stories, plus how to keep better track of things we often lose.

After Memory 1.0…What our customers are saying

“Thanks to Marti Barbour and Dia Lynn’s conscientious dedication and belief in the Total Brain Health Memory Course, a mixed group of “seniors” got a chance to sharpen our cognitive skills in a fun and informative manner.  The course was held on Wednesdays at the Eagle County Community Center.  It is a very nice facility.  The workbook was complete and the information was presented in a very professional manner.  I recommend looking into future TBH Course offerings.”

Sandie G.

“Mnemonic training…reorganizes the brain’s functional network organization to enable superior memory performance.“ -Neuron, March 2017

TBH FLEX 1.0 Toolkit

A program designed for persons with mild cognitive impairment. Suitable as part of an adult day care or 2 hr. respite for caregivers. 

The TBH FLEX 1.0 Toolkit is a cognitive stimulation program developed for clients facing memory loss. The TBH FLEX 1.0 Toolkit gives you all you need to lead an engaging, scientifically grounded program that teaches participants wellness interventions tied to improving outcomes in dementia.

  • Cognitive Stimulation.  TBH FLEX 1.0 incorporates brain wellness interventions that activate thinking and improve quality of life. 
  • Social-Based. The TBH FLEX 1.0 course includes a series of FLEX BUILDER group workouts that foster social confidence and reduce isolation. 
  • Integrated Wellness. Themed workouts address the value of body, mind and spirit interventions for maintaining well-being.
  • Experiential. Classes include hands-on multi-sensory workouts and stress reduction exercises beneficial for those with memory loss.

TBH Toolkit 1.0

  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders
  • Teach effective memory improvement strategies
  • Engaging social-based brain training for groups
  • Detailed course instructions and scripted classes

TBH Toolkit 2.0 Memory Best”

  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders *ALL NEW*
  • Next level course following TBH MEMORY 1.0
  • More challenging memory improvement strategies
  • A daily TBH Memory Best Challenge for added engagement

“Cognitive stimulation therapy, especially in the company of others, has been found to improve thinking and quality of life for persons with memory loss.” – Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention & Care

BRAIN HEALTH CLASSES Total Brain Health, LLC is a recognized leader in the brain fitness industry. We believe that brain health is a critical part of optimal living, and that everyone should have the chance to boost their brain power and live life fully and richly, each day and every year. That is both our passion and our company mission. Founded in 2010 as Memory Arts, Total Brain Health, the operating name of TBH Brands, LLC, currently offers the TBH Academy certificate continuing education training programs for professionals, the TBH Toolkits line of brain health classes and programs, and TBH Solutions, offering customized content-driven marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients. Developed by Dr. Cynthia Green http://www.totalbrainhealth,com


Dia Lynn and Marti Barbour are licensed to teach the programs listed above. Variations are available. Pricing and timing depends on the individual or group needs.

Each class package includes:

  • Classes in the duration of 8 weeks
  • Each class during the 8 week duration is $10 per week (1.5 hrs)
  • Includes workbook

Individual session:

  • Average class price is $95

Brain Health Resources

Total Brain Health LLC
Dr. Cynthia Green
P.O. Box 3386 Memorial Station
Upper Montclair, NJ. -7042
Email: info@totalbrainhealth.com



“You have much knowledge and vast experience. You are so utterly honest with how you communicate your observations and evaluations of yourself and surroundings. I keep hearing about how others “value” your offerings and experience. Your skill set is exactly what’s needed… you are a teacher who is grounded and believable.  People are lost and disorganized and gripped by uncertainty and fear. Right place, right time.”

David J. Heuser, Contractor, Santa Cruz, CA