Affirmative Prayer Treatment

Affirmative Prayer Treatment

I have been a holistic healer since 1977 and I now use Spiritual Mind Treatment as an integral part of my healing sessions. With a wide and deep background in anatomy/ physiology and Structural Integration Bodywork, plus a Masters Degree in Medical Qigong. I received my Doctorate in Religious Studies from Emerson Institute after developing the 10 week course “Know Your Body as a Temple of the Divine.” 

Because if my profound working understanding of the energy systems of the body/mind my treatments are especially popular with people with “body issues”. I have been called into hospitals to pray and treat for people undergoing procedures with great documented results. During my ministerial internship I was a volunteer Hospice Chaplain. I am able to preside over ceremonies and help with issues ranging from birth to death. I counsel, teach and treat from a perspective of universal love and oneness using forgiveness as a healing tool.

What is Affirmative Prayer? also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment

Affirmative Prayer is “a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind textbook, pg. 149.

Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process into motion. It is a direct, focused, and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome.

The five steps are:

1. Recognition (God Is)
2. Unification (I am)
3. Realization (Speaking into reality your desired good)
4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) and
5. Release (Letting go, let God)


  • As part of her ministry, Rev. Dia creates affirmative prayer treatments over the phone or by e-mail.  
  • Session fees are $50.00 per hour or portion thereof.
  • To schedule an appointment, please contact Dia by phone (831) 601-3338  or email:


“Thank you so much for reminding me of these truths. I am grateful for your wisdom. I’m going to print it off and keep reading it as well as to do a prayer and visioning of forgiveness as you have suggested.”

-Dr. Jennifer McPeek – Steamboat Springs, CO.

“Thank you for that inspirational message and thank you for coming by and doing such a powerful treatment. It all unfolded just as you “ordered” (and I had been saying exactly the same things all along). Now I just have to recuperate, get my arm back into motion. I am so grateful for your help.”

-Gabriele Swanson, Monterey, CA